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Protecting Your Roof

  1. Keep tree limbs trimmed to prevent removal of gravel, the material that protects your roof from harmful UV rays.
  2. Do not combine the wrong ventilation products. This can actually deter proper air flow, prematurely aging your roof and possibly voiding your warranty.
  3. Power wash your roof at the appropriate setting. If in doubt, call a pro.
  4. Extremely high winds can result in detached fasteners (nails) or broken seals.  A subsequent driving rain could cause damage to the inside of your home.  Call a roofer for an inspection.
  5. Keep your valleys free of leaves and pine needles to avoid a “damming effect” that can result in leaks.
  6. Do not allow others to walk on your roof unless absolutely necessary.

At Colony Roofing & Exteriors we are proud of the fact that most of our new business comes from the referrals of our 100% satisfied customers.  We have stayed in business for over twenty-five years by using only the highest quality materials, employing experienced and courteous crews, and standing behind our written warranties.  Owner Steve Furber supervises the installation of every project and makes sure each customer is pleased with the work.

You never work with a salesman – always with an expert! Steve Furber was a construction supervisor for ten years then started his own company in 1990. Many customers choose us because, after speaking with Steve, they realize that they are talking to a knowledgeable and experienced professional! Check out our testimonials’ page on this website.